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Forest resources

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Portuguese forest is one of the most important economical and environmental richnesses of the country. Nowadays it represents almost 3% of the national GDP, 11% of the industrial GDP and 11% of the exports, ahead from activities like tourism, textile or shoe industry. Employs about 260 000 workers and contributes with almost 1 300 million Euros to the economy. Besides, it provides important ecosystem services such as soil protection and carbon sequestration, enriching landscapes and general quality of life.

European countries have now a complete legislation duties related with this activity: local, regional and national plans, forest management plans, planning and hunting exploration plans, planning and reports of forest fire fighting and prevention workers or ProDeR projects, are just some examples.

Elaboration, execution and update of these elements are mandatory by law, becoming one of the most important challenges for this sector.

SIGESTE, has large experience in the elaboration of this type of management and planning instruments, and is available to provide full support during the process of preparing and implementing them, especially in the production and treatment of geographic information and mapping required for its realization, interacting closely with their customers.

SIGESTE also prepares and gives support in funding opportunities. 


Forest fire prevention plans

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A correct planning and management of the forest territory is surely the most efficient method to prevent large forest fires.  Also in this case, plan is the integrated study of all elements, identifying the main goals, the necessary activities to promote, powers and duties of all stakeholders, and means. At the same time, the correct planning and forecast of the actions and the correct connection between stakeholders is essential to obtain good results and efficient policies.

SIGESTE is an experienced company in creating and developing management tools  and producing high quality cartography.


 Forest management

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For a large percentage of the european territory, and Portugal specially, producing competent and realistic forest management plans is the most important challenge of this sector. Protection and development of natural or forest resources, and maximization of the owner’s income are possible. Such plans are powerful administration tools not only for forestry, but also for all the resources we can find in those areas: hunting, fishery, geologic and renewable.

Most of these plans are required for ProDeR procedures.