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Information systems

SI 7

Management and availability of an increasing volume of information appear to have become more complex and expensive, both in human and financial resources.
An information system that allows the collection, organization, systematization and availability of data is surely an asset and an important advantage for any organization.

The most important advantages are:

  • Increase of productivity
  • Centralization of all information
  • Errors decrease
  • Speed of access to information
  • Effective decision support
  • Anywhere access

SIGESTE develops and implements last generation systems, built with the newest technology, capable to project and boost projects or companies to the next level of competitiveness.


Geographic information systems and WebGIS

SI 6

A geographic information system – GIS – is an information system consisting in hardware, software, data and procedures, to which is added a geographical component. This component allows understanding how different phenomena are spatially distributed, creating valid information, generating patterns and showing trends.

The main advantages of GIS:

  •  Geographic component integration
  • User-friendly
  • Presentation of information
  • Spatial analyses tools
  • Effective decision support

GIS are extremely versatile and powerful instruments that you can apply in all domains. Among innumerous customized features, it is possible to:

  • Produce and collect
  • Manage and store
  • Validate
  • Spatial and alphanumerical analysis
  • Publish

Following the growing tendency, SIGESTE develops flexible, global and customized solutions, web based, that respond to their partner´s expectations.

Databases and online information systems

SI 5

Information, as its quality, is nowadays the basis for all decisions by managers and corporations. Databases information systems are important tools to handle data and get secure and quick answers. However, all this potential can be lost if we get systems that generate more problems and failures than valuable information. Situations like these are however very common in many corporations.

The advantages of a good database system:

  • Quickness in getting the information
  • Multiple access
  • Flexibility
  • Integrity of information
  • Better information management

SIGESTE, with its large experience in online solutions, develops reliable and efficient systems based in qualified methods that allow facing computerization as a consistent and solid process.